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AmbassadorWelcome to the website of the Embassy of Portugal to the Republic of Korea!

The site of the Embassy aims at providing useful information to all those, Korean as well as non-Korean living in or visiting Korea, who wish to know more about Portugal and Portuguese-Korean relations, either for business, tourism, work or study. The site also aims at providing practical information to Portuguese citizens who are planning or wish to visit Korea.

Portugal and Korea established diplomatic relations in April 1961. The Portuguese Embassy in Seoul was established in June 1988. Nonetheless, relations between the two countries go back to the XVI and XVII centuries, with numerous references to Korea registered not only in Portuguese cartography of the time but also in written texts, especially those produced by Portuguese Jesuit fathers. According to references and reports from both Portuguese and Korean sources, the first Portuguese to arrive in Korea would have landed in the country between the middle of the XVI century and the beginning of the XVII century, and were therefore given the chance to introduce Korea to the western world: the first European to visit Korea would have been a Portuguese merchant named João Mendes, in 1604, and in the map of the Portuguese cartographer Manuel Godinho, of 1615, the sea on the eastern side of the Korean Peninsula is designated “Sea of Coria”.

In 2011, both countries have commemorated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations. It is the aim of this Embassy to keep on promoting a deeper reciprocal knowledge and cooperation, an endeavor for which we count on the assistance of all those who, for any personal or professional reason, get involved with the reality of the Portuguese-Korean relationship.

Suggestions to improve the site of the Embassy are of course most welcome.

António Quinteiro Nobre
Embaixador de Portugal na República da Coreia